We are absolutely delighted to have been chosen by Northampton Business Network as their October Business of the Month!

As a member of the popular networking group based in Northampton I have met many talented and successful  professionals with a diverse range businesses worthy of this title, so to be picked for Business of the Month is an honour. 

The article, written by Peter Jones of Alert PR, can be found using the link at the bottom of the page, an extract is shown below: 

Hands up – metaphorically – all those of you with working knowledge of First Aid, and the confidence to cope if someone near you suddenly collapsed. If this question was asked at a business meeting, one suspects that not too many hands would go up.


Your correspondent is among those whose hands would stay down. And frankly I am embarrassed to admit that if someone who I was working with, or in a pub, at a railway station, wherever, suddenly collapsed to the ground, I would panic.

I often wonder how many people in any one office or industrial environment are trained in First Aid. There’s normally someone delegated the responsibility, but what would happen if they were on a day off?


Since meeting Angie Tyler at a Northampton Business Network event, this subject has been energising me. I know I must do better, and therefore enrolling on one of the First Aid courses run by Nightingale First Aid Training – Angie’s business – is high on the agenda before the end of the year.

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Nightingale First Aid work hard to assist businesses in meeting  requirements for Health and Safety and First Aid provision to help protect staff members and keep businesses thriving.